Laddie's World
So You Think You Want A Collie...

   Is there anything cuter than a happy, tumbling, roly-poly collie puppy? Well, that depends on who you ask! If you're reading this page, than most likely you're looking into getting a collie puppy or an older dog. But collie ownership isn't just all pets and praise (though it is a major part!). There are some things that you should be aware of, and seriously consider, before going out and getting a collie. At times it can be hard work. Hopefully, the next couple of pages will give you an idea of what to expect (on a general level) of collie ownership.


   This a list of things your collie puppy or dog is going to need to be at his or her very best and some of the problems that can arise if those needs aren't considered and are left unchecked.

                                  Feeding Your Collie
                                  Grooming Your Collie
                                  Exercising Your Collie
                                  Your Collie's Living Arrangements
                                  Socializing Your Collie
                                  Choosing Your Collie's Veterinarian
                                  Health Concerns