Laddie's World
Your Collie's Manners

   Good manners should never be limited to their behavior when they are out in public or only when company drops by for a visit. Good manners should be displayed when and where ever the dog happens to be. This includes when mom or dad aren't around. Should anyone be able to tell your collie what to do? No. But if you must leave your collie with someone, than that person should at least be able to manage your collie with relatively little trouble. As an example, there are very few people that can convince me to do something as simple as sit if mom is right there and hasn't given me permission and they certainly cannot call me (or command me) away from her. But, should my mom need to leave me for a moment, she can hand my leash over to very nearly anyone and not worry about me pulling, jumping up, barking, whining, crying, howling, trying to take their food  or making a general nuisance of myself. That is what good manners are all about. Being a pleasant dog to be around. This includes people of all different ethnic backgrounds, places, uniforms and even other animals. The biggest factor needed to make any dog such a pleasure to be around is first and foremost socialization but that's another page. For now, we'll cover some of the tips and tricks and commands that can help turn around some of your collie's least favorable attributes. The techniques used in changing some of these unwanted behaviors can also be used to stop a particular behavior from becoming part of his repertoire and daily life. There's quite a few of these little annoying behaviors to cover so please be patient if your particular issue takes a bit to get up.

   Let's begin...