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Gallery of Collie Cousins
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   Yes, this is the Gallery of Collie Cousins where you can share your collie with the rest of the collie loving world. Just send ye olde e-mail to me with the name and the picture attached and viola! Your beloved collie is displayed for all the world to see! Please be aware that the content of all pictures will be taken into consideration and may be subject to a little "fixing" to best display the subject. And be patient! It might actually be a day or two before I can get it up!

                    Gia Micheals                                           Lady DiAngelo                           Morgan Jannis
                     New Jersey                                                New Jersey                                   Montana

                      Trigger                                         Tristin Tenneson                                            Spencer
Rathmeres Highlander of Tremont      Tremont Winters Knight                                   New Jersey
                 San Jose, CA                                     Lakeport, CA
These two brothers met to share a show in Santa Rosa, CA.

Callie and the Xmas twig.                     Josie (litter sister to Téa)                                       Puzzle
                                                                                  Florida                                                    San Jose, CA

                      Rosie                                                     Murphy                      Téa's daddy "Mikey". A little out
               Lakeport, CA                                       Cleveland, OH                 of coat but still a handsome guy!

Téa's sister Josie is growing up!                                              Blair and her buddy Ghost.
This is her at her first show 6/03                                    Who says cats and dogs can't get along?

Hey! Another Laddie!                                   Sergeant (in the back) and Daisy (front). Sadly,
                                                                            Segeant passed away this past November. Fla.

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