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Have a collie related site or valuable canine information you think the world should see? Just send me an e-mail with the URL and the banner you want up. If you don't have a banner, don't send me one or don't tell me where your banner can be found, than I'll make one... with your permission of course!
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Laddie's Picks

These are some of my very favorite sites. Check them out and see what you think!

THE AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB - The home page of the AKC. So much information about the many breeds recognized by the AKC and what it offers, it'll make your spin!

COLLIE CLUB OF AMERICA - If you're looking for the serious and technical stuff on collies, you can find it here. They have all the latest on the shows, points, placings plus beautifully illustrated examples of the sought after perfect collie conformation.

- The Collie Club of America Health Foundation is a non profit foundation dedicated to understanding and eliminating the various health issues that continue to plague the collie breed.

AMERICAN WORKING COLLIE ASSOCIATION - Looking to do more with your collie chum? Maybe even earn a few more titles to the back of your collie's name? This is the place for you! Their Versatility Award programs will keep you both busy!

THE INTERNATIONAL WHITE COLLIE CLUB - Exactly as the name implies this great new site is all about the beautiful White variety. This site promises to be another great resource for the collie lover!
RAINBOW COLLIES - This is a great new site to learn a little more about the coat color genetics of the collie. Plenty of pictures featuring nice looking examples of the different coat colors grouped by color factor.
Show Dog Game  - Ever wish you could breed and raise a great show dog but you don't have the room, time or the money? Now you can! Dog is a virtual world of raising, training, breeding and showing dogs! They have several paid subscription plans including a very basic free program. If you've ever wanted to know what it might be like raising a champion dog this a neat (and pet population friendly) way to findout!
- Strength, security, and common sense come together for peace of mind in the form of one of the safest everyday collars in the world! Chinook Safety Break away collars are now owned by Premier and the collars are called "Keepsafe Breakaway Collars". The link  in the banner has been changed to take you to Premier site for this collar.
- Excellent links page to some of the top pet care and information web pages on the net!
Collie Chats
Looking for great places to talk with other collie people out there? Yahoo has the chat rooms for collie lovers!
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More Great Places to Visit

- Beautiful, free graphics for that classy touch! They also have a subscriber service with even more art and will
    even custom make site banners or buttons!

- Pet Link Exchange is a "pet sites only" exchange program.
The Dog Hause - Some truly adorable free pet graphics. Very into humane and educated pet ownership. - More pet links than you can handle!

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